Prepare your market list and get your little bag of happiness, as we’ve hand-picked some of the best medical Cannabis-infused cookies recipes!

Christmas is only about a week away. All of you must be scrambling for recipes, planning for that unique holiday. There is nothing quite as magical as a day where everyone in the world is celebrating and jolly, and you will get to share a meal with your friends and family. Imagine all the good food – from hearty meals, eggnog, and desserts, what would Christmas be like if not topped off with sweet and yummy holiday Christmas cookies? Even just thinking about these recipes makes your mouth water. Now, as a medical Cannabis enthusiast or a recreational marijuana consumer, you may get to enjoy these Christmas cookies with a little more and share your passions with your loved ones. So, prepare your market list and get your little bag of happiness from your most reliable weed delivery service like Enjoymint Delivered, as we’ve hand-picked some of the best medical Cannabis-infused Christmas cookies recipes!

Infusing weed into food has been a popular trend among Medical Cannabis and recreational marijuana users. Medical Cannabis users find edibles as an enjoyable way to take their needed dosing, while recreational marijuana users find it pleasurable as it offers a different high than just smoking the weed. Most medical Cannabis users infuse their food with CBD oil, producing a calm and stress-relieving effect on the consumer, which is greatly helpful in holidays such as Christmas! Enjoymint Delivered offers a variety of different medical Cannabis strains since other Marijuana users like to infuse their food with a combination of THC and medical Cannabis CBD, one level higher than the other, to induce the different effects Marijuana can bring. Medical Cannabis is now greatly accessible and can be bought via a weed delivery service such as Enjoymint Delivered. Enjoymint Delivered offers a variety of medical Cannabis products in different forms, which can be used in cooking up Marijuana-infused food such as your Christmas Cookies. You can infuse your food with different strains of marijuana buds and/or add in medical Cannabis in the form of CBD oil from Enjoymint Delivered. What’s more is that only the purest weed products are sold by Enjoymint Delivered, and it cuts off the holiday Christmas-shopping rush for your one special recipe!



Marijuana-infused Chocolate Chip Cookies

Marijuana-infused Chocolate Chip Cookies

Let us start-off with one of the classic Christmas cookies – chocolate chip cookies, but with a twist of a feel-good dose of marijuana. Chocolate-chip cookies are one of the all-time favorites, the epitome of the perfect cookie that everybody sure loves. For sure, you all love to munch on chocolate cookies when taking Marijuana. So, without further ado, prepare to start baking (and get baked, for that matter)!

The ingredients for marijuana-infused chocolate chip cookies are as follows:
• 1 ⅓ cup flour, ⅓ cup sugar,
• ⅔ cup brown sugar,
• 1 ⅓ cup of chocolate chips
• ¼ tsp of baking soda
¼ tsp salt
• 2 tsp vanilla extract
• 2 eggs, ½ cup cannabutter (made from Marijuana buds)

Cannabutter, which is mostly used in a lot of Marijuana-infused desserts, is one of the simplest ways to spice up your food with weed. It is simply enjoyable and easy to make too! The only trick is to ensure you are cooking your marijuana buds on low heat, to activate the psychoactive potential of your weed. You can have your favorite marijuana strain right at your doorstep from your favorite weed delivery service like Enjoymint Delivered. Different strains of weed contain different levels of THC and CBD, therefore causing different effects on the Medical Cannabis user. Ask Enjoymint Delivered for reviews on these marijuana strains. Once you have your weed, simply melt your butter and insert the ground buds. Then simmer on a meager heat. For best results, only use high-quality buds like the ones Enjoymint Delivered offers.

To get started with your medical Cannabis-infused cookies, pre-heat your oven to 325 degrees. Combine the flour, baking soda and salt in a medium-sized bowl, and whisk. In another bowl, mix your marijuana-infused magic ingredient- cannabutter, with sugar and brown sugar. Once everything is mixed good and creamy, add in the egg and vanilla extract and continue to mix until your weed cookies batter reaches a light consistency. Add in the toppings – chocolate chips! Gently stir and spoon in the mixture to your sheet once the dough is ready. Within 18-25 minutes, your medical Cannabis cookies should be ready! Remove the cookies from the oven once golden brown and let them cool. Now, sit down and enjoy these delightful marijuana-infused dessert! Passing them to your friends, what’s better than enjoying weed cookies with some milk. Put a little more good vibes on this Christmas.

For medical Cannabis users, you can also purchase your preferred CBD oil from Enjoymint Delivered, and add in a little bit more twist to your Christmas cookies! CBD offers the calming and relaxing effect of weed, one that people usually want to feel in the midst of the stressful holiday rush of Christmas.


Weed-infused Holiday Sugar Cookies

You all have waited all year long to stuff your face with sugar cookies, so might as well make them as gorgeous as possible! If your family and friends are cool with the surprise happy ingredient made from weed, these Marijuana-infused cookies recipe will make you the best holiday host this Christmas. You can even swap out portions of cannabutter with regular butter, to control how potent your Cannabis holiday treats are.

For sugar cookies, once your standard cookies dough is ready, simply prepare some powdered sugar, milk, and coloring for frosting! You may even add another desired dose of cannabutter made from different strains of Marijuana buds to increase the potency of your medical Cannabis cookies, and make your frosting thicker. This time, you can have fun shaping and decorating your frosting. Some of the most popular cutters used in medical Cannabis-infused cookies are marijuana-shaped cutters. You may add in green coloring or draw leaf-shaped decorations on top for your friends and family to identify them from regular, non-weed cookies.


Grandma Peanut Butter Weed Cookies 

Everybody loves peanut butter. Christmas is that one time of the year when people do not have to be guilty about the food they take, so do not hesitate to make those warm and yummy, heavy Marijuana-infused peanut butter cookies if your heart says so! Another perfect recipe to add in some of those medical Cannabis buds fresh from Enjoymint delivered, just add one cup of your favorite peanut butter, to your cannabutter, and other ingredients of your classic cookie. This makes a very taste-bud provoking batch of Christmas cookies, perfect to munch when you have weed in your system.

Aside from the dazzling recipes above, you can always infuse medical Cannabis into your own special Christmas cookies recipe! Just substitute cannabutter for the regular one, or add in drops of your medical Cannabis in the form of CBD oil from your favorite weed delivery service like Enjoymint Delivered. Who says drinking medicine isn’t fun? You can take your medical Cannabis in a lot of different ways. What is more, is you can add weed to almost everything! However, be careful, and always mind the potency of your Christmas weed edibles. Remember, always ask consent from your family members and friends before serving them these extra-happy Marijuana-infused Christmas cookies and keep out of your children’s reach! Some people are not used to the heavy psychoactive effects from THC-based medical Cannabis and prefer more relaxing edibles, while others enjoy the visuals brought about by heavy THC content. Ask your Enjoymint Delivered professional representative, and choose from a wide variety of buds you can infuse on your Christmas cookies from Enjoymint Delivered to make sure you suit your audience’s tastes.


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